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These two buds wrote down two dares for the other guy for a game of  Truth or Dare.
For the first dare Jax has to give Tony a handjob to get him hard.
Then Tony has to give Jax a nice long blowjob.
Tony gets the favor returned – and then some from Jax.
Could there be a dare that Tony won’t do? I’ll make him do something worse in that case.
Next up is some cock grinding and mutual stroking to get the guys close to cumming – which doesn’t take long.
Tony shoots a big load on Jax – but the catch is that I make him lick it up.
Next, Tony gets a nice hot facial, which Jax has to lick up, too. Watch the video, click here.

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Mick and Casey are most certainly two of Fratmen’s best looking college fratboys. There can be no argument there. In their solo shoots, they’ve conjured up ultimate fantasies for many college jock lovers the world over. However, having them together, caressing one another in the outside shower among the lush, green foliage and beautiful blue sky, is akin to pure bliss. What a sight to behold!

Once their clothes are shed, both Mick and Casey sport rock hard erections. Mick washes Casey’s back, being sure to stop for a while when he gets to his gorgeous, pert ass cheeks. The hunks giggle a bit and it’s all new to them, but the fact they’re turning one another on is not hard to see. Mick takes things a step further and reaches around to fondle Casey’s rock hard abs and chest. It’s all Casey can do to control himself!

Grabbing towels, the two fratboys head back into the house and find comfortable positions beside one another on the bed. The warm water, the beautiful weather and all the caressing has both of them super horny. What better than a mutual jerk off session together?

Stroke after stroke brings both Mick and Casey closer to orgasm. Mick looks like he’s the closest to bliss though, evident by the astoundingly erotic expressions on his face as he masturbates. Finally, it’s Mick who is the first to let go of his man seed, making a thick puddle across his chiseled abdomen. Casey is soon to follow of course! Want more, click here.